WHO Worries Abuse Of Antibiotics

World Health Organization (WHO) warned, drug resistance is partly driven by irrational use of antibiotics has killed hundreds of thousands of people every year. Therefore, the necessary treatment immediately to resolve the issue.

"We really see the evolution of the rapid increase in the spread of this problem and the bottom line is faster than solving the problem," said assistant general director of WHO's Keiji Fukuda, Thursday (07/04/2011).

Health experts noted, few SAJ anegara who plan to handle the problem of drug resistance, which increases amid rising consumption of antibiotics.

"In most countries, there is no plan, no budget, no line of accountability for this very serious problem. weak surveillance system, that system did not exist in many places," said Mario Raviglione, the WHO official who led the campaign against tuberculosis. He added that the quality of antibiotics is questionable in some countries. "optimal dose is not actually a trigger mechanism that developed immunity to the drugs. The use of antibiotics is often not feasible, we call it irrational. It allows the creation of resistance to drugs," he explained. In addition, the use of antibiotics in livestock - in order to encourage growth and prevent disease and treat sick animals - also contribute to drug resistance. Any microbes that are resistant to developing drugs in farm animals can move to humans through the food chain.

Because the microbes will always try to be immune to the drug, "this problem will never disappear, " said Fukuda.

WHO expose the problem of the use of antibiotics as a major issue in commemorate World Health Day this year. WHO wants all governments, civil society and the pharmaceutical industry working with a variety of strategies to deal with drug resistance.



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