Antibiotics Are Not The Super Drug

Some studies show, tend to excessive use of antibiotics and is generally given to diseases or conditions that do not require antibiotics.

Antibiotics are powerful drugs and have saved many lives. But the point is well known, antibiotics are not cure all ills. Antibiotics can only cure the diseases caused by bacterial infection.

"Use antibiotics appropriately to prevent immune germs," ​​says Prof. Iwan Prahasto, Professor of University of Gajah Mada in Farmakolgi workshop and briefing the media about drug prescribing patterns in Indonesia, especially antibiotics, Saturday (26 / 3) on the campus of the UI Depok, West Java, Indonesia.
In society, antibiotics are often purchased without a prescription and explanation. Communities often bought with a prescription antibiotic that had previously obtained, taking antibiotics for coughs, fevers and colds.

Furthermore, Iwan explained that the inappropriate use of antibiotics could endanger public health. A result that can be generated is the bacteria mutate so that it becomes resistant (immune) to antibiotics. Bacteria that are resistant or immune to these difficult attenuated by the usual antibiotics.

Iwan admitted, information on antibiotics so far not spread to medical personnel. "The unavailability of adequate information about drugs that are neutral is also one big problem for medical practitioners. Meanwhile, the information submitted directly by the pharmaceutical industry through dutanya is often misleading or misleading," he added.

Dr. Sharad Adhikary, representatives of WHO, emphasized that the treatment of infections caused by antibiotic resistant bacteria that normally would be very expensive. This is because what is needed is an antibiotic that is more up to date with the possible side effects of drugs is greater, and longer duration of treatment.

According to Sharad, the problem of resistance to antibiotics is not a new problem, but more and more alarming and dangerous. "We can go back to the era before antibiotics," he said.

Why can bacteria become resistant to antibiotics? Every time someone taking antibiotics, the sensitive bacteria will be killed. But resistant bacteria will continue to live, grow and reproduce.

The use of antibiotics repeatedly and incorrectly are the main cause of increase in the number of bacteria resistant to drugs. So, for those of you who have cough, flu and fever do not have to consume antibiotics. Because, by frequently taking antibiotics will not make you healthier, and will not make you better.



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