Diet For 17 Days, New Way To Slim

For diet enthusiasts now have an exciting new method to try, diet 17 days. However, slim body is not obtained within 17 days because this diet method is divided in four cycles each of which run for 17 days.

Doctor Mike Moreno, the creator of this diet explain each diet cycle is expected to be against the stagnant period that is often experienced. In the first cycle, you must reduce calories around 1,200 calories per day to 2.5 weeks. It is expected that the metabolism of the body becomes confused.

In the second cycle of metabolism will be set back by improving and reducing calorie intake to increase fat burning and prevent flat period. Then in the third cycle dieters may eat more to slow weight loss.

Furthermore, four cycles is intended to keep the weight has come down with diet regulation and occasionally may eat more.

In general, nutrition experts claim this diet is suitable for reducing weight. Recommendation within 17 days of this diet, such as choosing healthy foods, avoiding carbohydrates is not healthy, should remain the preferred foods and regular exercise, is considered the foundation of the entire program is slimming.

Although it looks convincing, but experts are skeptical of claims confuse the concept of metabolism. "There is no evidence we can create confusion metabolism by swapping more or less calories," says Keri Gans, a spokeswoman for the American Dietetic Association.

In addition, advice to stop eating fruit after 2 pm because after that time is difficult to burn calories so your body will backfilled into fat, is not considered scientific.

Gans added that weight loss dieters gained by this is not due to metabolism confused, but because of the reduction in calories.



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