Not True Trigger Pads Cancer

World Health Organization (WHO) states, 90 percent of cervical cancer (seviks) caused by HPV (human papilloma virus). Therefore, people do not easily believe in the issue that mentions the use of pads would trigger the occurrence of cancer.

This was confirmed by dr.Laila Nuranna, Sp.OG, Head of Oncology Division of Gynecology, Faculty of medicine / RSCM.

"Until now none of the scientific studies that prove the pads cause cancer," he said during a seminar on cancer held by MRCCC Siloam Hospital, Jakarta, Thursday (04/07/2011).

As is known, some time ago the news had circulated in cyberspace about the dangers mentioned pads containing bleach paper and can lead to cancer. It added that the use of pads that contain herbal ingredients can prevent cancer.

"Prevention of cancer is not by wearing pads that are expensive like that. The issue is misleading and just trade tricks bandage alone," he said.

Laila adding cervical cancer prevention is best to take the examination or screening as early as possible, especially women who have had sexual intercourse. Research shows the cancer is found early, the greater the chances of recovery.



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