Fast Increase Fat Burning by Diet

Not all calories have the same nature. Some of them require more energy to digest, but some are easy to digest. To improve the process of metabolism to body weight did not rise, follow the tips provided by Leslie Bonci, director of sports nutrition and author of The Active calori Diet.

- Consumption of low-fat protein
The body requires more calories to digest foods that are included in the low-fat protein such as lean meat, eggs, or low-fat milk.
- Focus on fiber
Foods rich in fiber was second in the list of active calories. Consumption of vegetables and fruits with skin, especially for apples. Other fiber sources dalah cereals and Cereal products intact.
- Continue to chew
Choose to eat fruits rather than making it instantly ready to drink juice. The mouth is the first part of our digestive system. To make it work harder, chew your food slowly.
- Add flavor spicy
Indonesia most thankful for the food taste spicy. Capcaisin, ingredients in chili that gives spicy taste, it was effectively burns 10-20 calories.
- Green tea
You can eat them hot or cold conditions, green tea has the effect of accelerating the process of metabolism in the body. In order for this effort was not in vain, limit sugar in your tea cup.
- Cooking
Processing dish certainly burn more calories than you just sit back and enjoy the dish at the table.
- Beware of calories off.
Pastries, chocolates, chips, soda, and processed meat (nuggets or ham) is very easy to digest and more often stored as body fat.


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