Cholera Disease Symptoms

In people who feaces cholera bacteria was found, probably for 1-2 weeks have not felt the complaint means, but the time of the attack then all of a sudden infection of diarrhea and vomiting occur with quite a serious condition as acute attacks that led to his vague diarrheal type experienced.

However, in patients with cholera there are some things the signs and symptoms that revealed, among others are:

1) Diarrhea is watery and abundant without preceded by a feeling of heartburn or tenesmus.
2) Feaces or stool (feces) which was originally in color and smelled of turned into a cloudy white liquid (like water to wash rice) without a foul or fishy smell, but as sweet a stab.
3) Feaces (liquid), which resembles a rice washing water is when deposited will issue a white clots.
4) Diarrhea occurred many times and in considerable amounts.
5) The occurrence of vomiting after preceded by diarrhea that occurs, the patient does not feel sick before.
6) Muscle cramps can also be felt in the abdomen accompanied by severe pain.
7) Number of fluid that comes out will result in dehydration with signs such as rapid heartbeat, dry mouth, physically weak, sunken eyes, hypotension, etc. which if not immediately get a replacement handler lost body fluids can lead to death.



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