Acupuncture For Slimming, Is Effective?

For most women, having beautiful and slim body, of course, be a dream. No wonder that many women who have problems with weight gain, especially those who are obese, often looking for quick and inexpensive way to lose weight, including alternative methods.

One alternative method that has been chosen in a thin body is acupuncture therapy. This is a treatment technique used in traditional Chinese medicine. The needles are very sharp used to stimulate specific points on the body.

In practice, the treatment of obesity with acupuncture method does not always guarantee success. Acupuncture therapy should not be too arbitrary. If not done by people who are real experts, the therapy would probably be in vain.

According to nutrition experts from the Department of Nutritional Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia (Faculty of medicine), Dr. Samuel Oetoro, treatment of obesity with acupuncture method should be done by people who are real experts.

In doing acupuncture, there are two points on the body that was stabbed. First is the desire to continue eating dots and the second is a point of metabolism.

"It worked when stabbed in the right spot, and should be done by people who are real experts," he said in courses and seminars with the theme of obesity Management of Obesity and Its Related Problems, Friday (8/4/2011) in Jakarta.

Based on the results of several studies, it is clear Oetoro, slimming through acupuncture method results are not too significant. According to him, most acupuncture patients who feel lost weight, more because of the influence of drugs given. In fact, an acupuncture expert who really are not going to give medicine to patients.

"If there are patients who come home from acupuncture to go home to take medication, then acupuncture is not convincing," he said.


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